Scientists stationed at Griffith University are striving to create artificial bone to help replace lost teeth

A four-year-long study is being conducted by Griffith University scientists at the university’s School of Dentistry and Oral Health. The scientific team are utilising the most advanced tissue engineering technologies and techniques in order to create synthetic bone scaffolds that will eventually be able to be grafted into a patient’s jawbone.

These scaffolds will provide a strong and durable foundation that the titanium dental implants can eventually be inserted into. The future benefits to patients at the success of this endeavour include the much lower risk of any complications and an unlimited supply of bone tissue.

At Ironside Advanced Dental we focus on providing high-quality treatments that last…

At Ironside Advanced Dental we understand that losing teeth can be devastating to your confidence and oral health, which is why we specifically provide a dental treatment that caters to lost teeth and effectively replaces them permanently! Imagine – a fully functional smile that allows you to eat what you like.

Gain full function of your mouth with dental implants…

Dental implants are essentially titanium screws that are inserted into the jawbone. Once this heals over a few months (a process called Osseo-integration), the bone fuses with the screw and creates a strong alternative tooth root. A dental crown is then placed over the top of the implant to aesthetically and functionally restore your smile.

The benefits of dental implants are many…

Dental implants are a great solution to tooth loss as they completely restore the ability of your mouth, enabling you to effectively eat and speak. Other advantages of this dental treatment include:

  • Completely restore your natural bite, tooth function, and aesthetic appeal
  • Implants look and feel authentic
  • They aid with biting pressure
  • They function like genuine teeth allowing you to enjoy all your favourite foods again
  • They are durable and long-lasting
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss and allow you to maintain a healthy facial structure

It is important to replace missing teeth as they can severely impact your oral health…

If missing teeth are not restored promptly the space left behind can be severely detrimental to your oral and overall health. These gaps create an area for bacteria to accumulate and cause oral conditions such as gingivitis and tooth decay on neighbouring teeth.

Your remaining teeth can also try to shift to close the gap left behind by missing teeth, causing an otherwise straight smile to become crooked and unaligned. Replacing missing teeth is important as it helps to support the jawbone and prevents it from dissolving.

If you are unhappy with your smile due to missing teeth, book an appointment at our Sydney dental practice for a full consultation, where we can determine whether you are an ideal candidate for dental implant treatment.

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Disclaimer: All Surgical Procedures Carry Risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.