Could red wine prevent cavities? Maybe. According to a new study it is possible that red wine could prevent cavities.

Many foods and drinks are said to prevent cavities. Or at the very least, there are lots of foods and drinks that can help fight decay-causing bacteria. Can we add red wine to that list?

A team of Spanish researchers seem to think so (see the research here)

However, they are not suggesting you start gargling red wine to prevent tooth decay.

What their research was more aiming towards was finding the properties in the red wine which effectively remove bacteria. Once this has been clearly defined the goal would be, one assumes, to create a natural product that could prevent bacteria.

Did you know 60 to 90% of the world’s population is affected by cavities, gum disease and tooth loss?

Did you know 60 to 90% of the world’s population is affected by cavities, gum disease and tooth loss?

This statistic is one of the driving forces behind the Spanish researchers’ desire to find a way to prevent bacteria from causing decay.  By improving oral hygiene routines at home the number of cavities per person would drop, and so too could gum disease and tooth loss.

How would tooth loss drop as well? Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. If gum disease can be prevented before it becomes periodontitis then there is a good chance your teeth won’t be lost because of gum disease.

Tooth loss, left untreated, has consequences for your general health. Consequences including a high risk of:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer

Looking after your teeth naturally

You can look after your teeth at home. Not just with brushing and flossing but also with certain foods like cheese, yoghurt, celery, strawberries (in moderation) and sugar-free gum.  Also abstain from sugary drinks, starchy foods and please do not use your teeth as a bottle opener.

Other ways to maintain a healthy smile

Regular check-ups to the dentist. At Ironside Advanced Dental we offer a comprehensive range of dentistry. At our Sydney practice, we offer our patients everything from general check-ups to smile makeovers.

At a general check-up, we will examine the health of your teeth and gums: this may include taking x-rays to ensure your teeth are healthy below the gum line. We will also give you a deep scale and clean to give your teeth the clean your daily brushing and flossing can’t.

If you would like more information, or to book an appointment at Ironside Advanced Dental in Sydney, please contact us today.

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