Healthy, strong teeth are important; they allow us to eat food comfortably, contribute to normal speech and are linked to good general health.

When faced with a hard to open bottle, stubborn clothes tag or a well-sealed packet of chips, our teeth become a replacement for scissors and bottle openers. These actions are one of the leading cause of tooth fractures and breaks.

This is a mistake many people make almost as second nature – the fear of actually doing damage to your teeth only comes when the damage is already done, however it is not too late. Broken and fractured teeth do not automatically have to be extracted and replaced; dental crowns offer patients the option to keep their natural teeth without the pain and risk associated with damaged teeth.

Dental crowns in Sydney

Dental crowns are a popular restorative treatment designed to restore the structural strength and function of a damaged tooth.

At Ironside Advanced Dental, we will work together with you to determine if a dental crown is the best course of action. From here, an impression will be made and a temporary crown will be placed to reduce any further damage to the tooth while the permanent dental ceramic is made.

The permanent crown is made specifically for each patient if and as needed. The crown will be made to match the colour and texture of your natural teeth, as well as provide strength and durability.

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What are dental crowns made of?

The material used to make dental crowns is dependent on the tooth and severity of damage caused. Ceramic and porcelain fused to metal are common materials used to make tooth-like crowns. This material not only deals with the cosmetic problem raised by broken and fractured teeth but also restores the function to the damaged tooth. Subsequently, the tooth is protected against further damage as well as the exposed dentine which increases the risk of tooth decay and discolouration.

Can your teeth still decay after a dental crown?

Teeth beneath the dental crown are still natural teeth and susceptible to decay when neglected or treated to bad oral hygiene. Although the crown will remain the same colour, the natural tooth underneath may become discoloured over time and decay.

Even after a dental crown has been placed, it is important to follow a good oral hygiene routine and consider the health of your teeth when making food choices. Visiting your dentist twice annually for a general dental check-up also remains important, any issues with your crown or teeth in general will be detected by your dentist at these check-ups and could be resolved before serious damage is done.

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How to keep your teeth healthy when you have dental crowns

Typically, dental crowns do not require any special care. Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine will keep your teeth healthy beneath a dental crown. Healthy teeth around your crowned tooth are equally important as bacteria and decay can be transferred from one tooth to another and even find ways around a dental crown.

If a crowned tooth is decaying it is important to visit the specialists at Ironside Advanced Dental. Your crown may have to be removed to allow our professionals to treat your decaying tooth before replacing the crown or finding an alternative treatment for the tooth all together.

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Candidates for dental crowns

Teeth are strong, however, if they do happen to become damaged they need to be repaired urgently as damaged teeth are at higher risk of decay and further damage. Brocken, fractured, chipped and ground down teeth can benefit from dental crowns.

Prosthodontist in Sydney

The team of dental professionals at Ironside Advanced Dental is led by our prosthodontist Dr Jim Ironside who specialises in the replacement of missing teeth and related tissues, and holds a PHD in dental ceramics. With years of experience and 30 related graduate courses under his belt, Dr Ironside is among the best in his field of dentistry.

Make your dental health a priority with Ironside Advanced Dental. If you suspect your tooth may be in need of a crown, contact our specialist team urgently.

All surgical procedures carry risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.