The best smile is the one that suits you and your face

Before you undergo a smile makeover there are a few things you need to consider. One of those is the colour of your teeth because a dental crown or veneer is colour-matched. So, if your teeth are slightly too dark for your liking and you’d like them to look a little whiter this must be done prior to the restoration being fabricated. Any existing restorations might also need to be replaced.

The reason behind this is that tooth whitening treatments have no effect on porcelain and composite resin restorations. That is why at Ironside Advanced Dental Sydney we ask you if you’re happy with the colour of your teeth: it does affect how we proceed with treatment.

Tooth whitening treatment at Ironside Advanced Dental

Before and after tooth whitening treatment we carry out a remineralisation treatment to:

  • Strengthen the surface of  your teeth
  • Reduce sensitivity
  • Enhance the whitening process

Remember: teeth whitening will not last for more than 12 to 18 months. However, we will provide you with a take-home kit to help you keep your teeth white for longer.

Why you should get your teeth whitened by a professional

Over-the-counter products like whitening strips only give you the allusion of whiter teeth. What they actually do is dehydrate your teeth: which is bad for your teeth. If you want your teeth whitening properly there is no quick and easy solution.

Zoom! Tooth whitening system takes an hour and a half and can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades; depending on what look you are going for.

A Smile makeover

Restoring your smile is not about getting a Hollywood smile. It’s about getting the smile that best suits your needs.

Once you are happy with the colour of your teeth, we can then proceed with treatment.  Your initial consultation with Dr Ironside will be for one hour so he can assess your expectations about your smile makeover and then the best way to achieve that.

A smile makeover consists of the range of treatments such as dental implants, dental crowns, veneers and whitening. Dental implants are often the best option for replacing your missing teeth if you have the underlying bone to support the implant and the gum tissue—although you will hear dentists say there is nothing better for your oral health than a natural tooth. Which is true – there is nothing that can replace healthy teeth and gums.

Replacing a tooth with dental implants

If you are missing a tooth, have sufficient jaw bone material, don’t smoke and don’t have periodontal disease you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. There are other conditions that also affect the success of dental implants and probably the most common one of these is diabetes.

While we can treat people who have periodontal disease, other systemic problems and smoke, the risk of implant failure is high: very high. If you are serious about your oral health and wish to regain the appearance of your smile, we recommend giving up smoking altogether.  And while we appreciate this is far easier said than done: it is important to realise that smoking greatly increases the risk of implant failure and peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis is like gum disease or periodontal disease, but for implants. There are usually no symptoms. This disease is preventable by very good daily flossing and brushing plus a regular preventive program at the dentist. At Ironside Advanced Dental this includes inspections and radiographs by Dr Ironside, plus cleaning by his hygienist.

Dental implants typically take around 6 months from the first consultation to the final appointment when the dental crown is attached to the implant abutment. Because a dental implant is not springy like a tooth, the preferred tooth coloured dental crown to be placed on a dental implant is a metal-ceramic crown. This is strong enough to deal with the force involved in biting and chewing.

Getting the smile that suits you and your face

When you visit Ironside Advanced Dental in Sydney we will assess your oral health and determine the best way to proceed with treatment. A good smile makeover adds to your facial features and doesn’t draw negative attention. A smile makeover done well will make you want to smile more.

Whitened Teeth Sydney

At Ironside Advanced Dental we offer a range of treatments to restore and help improve the appearance of your smile. To find out more about how we can help you, or to book an appointment at our Sydney dental practice, please contact us today.

All surgical procedures carry risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.