Did you know dentophobia or fear of the dentists ranks among the most common fears the world over?

Based on this fear many choose not to see a dental professional regularly, leading to untreated dental issues with major consequences.

Ironside Advanced Dental cater to the comfort, oral health and cosmetic dental needs of our patients in a safe and professional environment you do not need to fear. With options for even the most anxious of patients, our professionals are equipped to provide the best in dental treatment and comfort.

Virtually pain-free dentistry

Fear of the dentist is sometimes linked to expectation of pain and discomfort. Medical advancements and a patient-focused practice in dentistry has led to the development and availability of virtually pain free dentistry offered at Ironside Advanced Dental.

This method ensures that minimal to no pain is caused in the administration of numbing and anesthetising medication. Using The Wand, a computerised anaesthetic delivery system which literally takes the sting out of dental procedures, we are able to accurately deliver pain preventing medication while causing minimal pain.
This cutting edge technology is designed for the comfort of our patients, giving them the confidence to get the dental treatments they want and need without anxiety and fear.

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Fearing tooth loss

Fearing tooth loss is reasonable and natural, however if this fear drives you away from your dentist, the fear of losing your teeth could be the reason you actually lose your teeth.

Tooth extraction is only considered when there is no way to save a tooth or the tooth is causing unpreventable health and dental issues.

During regular dental check-ups, the health of your teeth is examined and in most cases problems such as tooth decay can be identified before a tooth is too badly damaged. Dental fillings and crowns can be used to repair broken teeth and halt decay, and preventing it from transferring to more teeth.

In cases where tooth loss is unavoidable, Ironside Advanced Dental offers a number of options to maintain your smile and oral function while providing the dental and health care you need.

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How to choose a dental professional?

Finding a prosthodontist who understands and can cater to your needs is not easy. It is important to make sure the dental professional you are considering is registered and qualified. Checking their experience and qualifications can put your mind at ease and assure you that you are in good hands.

Meet Dr Jim Ironside of Ironside Advanced Dental and his qualified team.

Testimonies from patients, friends and family can also help ease your mind as they provide first-hand experience of the treatment received. Speaking to a dental professional yourself can also be effective and help you establish a trusting relationship where you can discuss your anxieties and fears. It also allows them the time to share the details of suitable treatments.

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A prosthodontist in the heart of Sydney

Dr Jim Ironside is a trusted name in the world of dentistry and leader in prosthodontics. Combining experience, the latest in dental developments and cutting edge technology, his practice Ironside Advanced Dental provides quality dental care and assurance that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands.

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All surgical procedures carry risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.